How often do the groups meet?
Each group meets once a week for 2 hours each time for a 4 to 8 week session

How many people are in each group?
Groups are between 5 and 10 people and are held online using zoom (until further notice).

What happens during a writing workshop?
Writing prompts will be given by the facilitator and participants will turn off the Zoom audio/video and write in their own space. After writing time we share what we have written (passing is always an option) and speak to what is strong in each others work. Critique is not given.

What kind of writers is this for?
Responses to prompts can take on any form a writer desires. Examples of who this format works great for: Poets, Fiction writers, Screenwriters, Bloggers, Journalists, Memoir writers, hobby writers, as well as those writing as a spiritual practice (for more on writing as a spiritual practice, we highly recommend AWA founder Pat Schneider's book, "How The Light Gets In."

How many writing prompts do we get to do per session?
Each group usually gets through 2 to 3 writing prompts per group.

Can I try out a group before I commit to a workshop?
We host occasional workshop previews. If you don't see one on the workshop page feel free to email Alli to find out when the next one will be.

Do you offer refunds?
You can request a refund up to 48 hours after signing up for a group. Because all workshops are planned in advance, for a limited number of participants, it is often difficult to find replacements nearer to the start of the workshops. If you wish to cancel after the initial 48 hour reservation window you will be given a credit for the full amount paid to be used toward a future workshop anytime a year from the date of your original workshop reservation. Any workshop credits that are unused after that one year period will be applied toward Shelter Writers scholarships. 

Do you offer any scholarships?
We do have some scholarship opportunities available. Email Alli to find out more about this.

What are your requirements for participation?

  • the time and space to be fully present with your online group
  • a commitment to uphold the AWA practices
  • a dependable wi-fi connection (if workshops are conducted via Zoom)

Can youth participate?
Alli loves working with youth and has a regular workshop for teens ages 13-18. Workshops for younger kids coming soon! If a workshop does not specify it's age group then it is for ages 18+. If you don't see youth workshops listed, feel free to email Alli for more info on upcoming groups.