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Shelter Writers is a haven for writers of all kinds, free of critique, with space to process life and grow in craft. Generative workshops are offered for adults as well as youth and meet weekly for 4-8 weeks at a time.

“I so appreciate the Amherst Writing Method. Love all work being treated as fiction. Love the focus on the writing and the distance the writer gets to have with this approach. I think it helps us write more honestly- which in turn helps the writing connect with people. When I read honest writing, it helps me feel less alone.”
- Robin S.
Alli is kind, approachable, allows space for others, and she's very mindful of people's time. If you're on the fence about joining one of her groups or not, just do it! You won't regret it.”
— Lauren W.
“These groups have created a surprising space that invites people of any writing ability to the table to connect people that wouldn't often find each other being together sharing in a meaningful, life giving way.”
— Seth K.
“Writers group is a sacred space, where we take time for our writing & the writing of others. I love hearing the writing of others, and the feedback is really affirming! But my favorite part is the prompts, and the poetry we read that helps stretch & spur our own writing.”
— Jennifer J.
Alli provides a welcoming, embracing environment that makes it easy to share our writings. Equally wonderful is the delightful discovery of the depth of honest and personal expression of our fellow participants.
- Josh E.
After a year of attending Amherst groups, I feel far stronger as a writer. I’m more confident in producing words, and I feel closer to inhabiting my truest writing voice. The groups are like a full cross-training, yet thoroughly enjoyable...Part of our group’s strength is due to Alli Dahlgren...Alli is an empathetic and principled group facilitator, and our group thrived.
- Jordan G.

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